Timatha's Reba McEntire impersonation is excellent for corporate & private events, awards banquets, clubs, trade shows, fundraisers, sophisticated parties or advertising promotions. She will meet and talk with guests and even provide them with photos taken with 'Reba McEntire' as souvenirs. As a talented impersonator, Timatha not only looks like Reba, she has captured McEntire's singing & speaking voice and mannerisms as well. Growing up in Texas and singing at the Wylie Opry, Timatha has a special connection to Reba's roots. She can also provide her own six-piece band to back up her performance.
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Timatha's Marilyn Monroe impersonation is perfect for any event or party. She can present awards, sing an impressive collection of Marilyn's hits, mingle with crowds, posing with guests for photo opportunities and enchanting them with her charm. With a range of costumes including an impeccable copy of Marilyn's famous white dress (remember The Seven Year Itch) and grasp of both classic Hollywood star quality and witty humor, Timatha personifies all the best of 1950's glamour.

Timatha's high energy Madonna impersonation captures her look, vocal stylings and choreography from the days of the Blonde Ambition Tour (complete with cones). She will add excitement to your event with her mini-concert medley of Madonna's highlights. From the smallest nuance of costume to the slightest gesture, Timatha takes pride in the careful research and consideration with which she portrays Madonna. Timatha also identifies with Madonna's determination to succeed in the music world and greatly enjoys performing her striking dance routines.


Carmen Miranda entered Hollywood in the early 1940s with her outlandish costumes and fruit-laden "hats" and ended up fixed forever in the public mind as the inspiration for Chiquita Banana! Let the flamboyant "lady in the tutti-fruitti hat" bring her spicy South American fun to your event. Timatha's tribute to this "Brazilian Bombshell" brings Carmen's songs to life with live vocals and can include an audience participation routine. She will sing with either band or D.J. and is happy to pose for party photos or mingle for "meet and greets." She is a fun and campy way to welcome guests to your events! Extraordinary silvery sequined costume designed by Lynne Baccus with flamboyantly gorgeous glittery colored fruit hat designed by Judith.
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As "Lady Gaga" Timatha will amaze as she singing live vocals and performing Lady Gaga's choreography. She will add techno cool bizarness to any party! She can perform the top Lady Gaga hits with either live band or DJ, as well as meet and greets and photo ops. Costume changes during live performance include Silver Alien space creature with 5 inch stilleto boots and cyborg glasses, mirror mask, origami, and more!

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