The Andrews Sisters are available for corporate events and private parties, festivals, and charity fund raisers. They have an updated-vintage look, with lively, sexy, and adorable fully choreographed routines. With a variety of costumes and live three-part harmony singing the will be sure to impress! Also available with holiday songs and costumes, they are a great addition to any holiday event. Their performance can even include a number where they give tons of attention to one lucky man in the audience! They are able to do live performances with a full orchestra, smaller band or a completely scaled down version with pre-recorded tracks with a D.J.

Bring back swanky, sophisticated fun with the classic combination of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr... and if desired as an added bonus, Marilyn Monroe! This group will liven up any event they perform at with comedy, song, and lively entertainment. The "Rat Pack" sings favorites and can include audience participation. All performers are also pros at photo ops and mingling with guests as well as being able to perform with a live band (provided by Timatha or yours) or even a D.J. where they sing vocals witha pre-recorded track!

This "dead ringer" look-a-like and sound-a-like Dean Martin appears as a comedic, charming, "intoxicated" crowd pleaser, crooning some bygone favorites such as "That's Amore" that often gets the whole crowd singing along. He can MC the entire evening and appear with the fan girls in a spectacular number as well as interacting with Marilyn Monroe. Photos coming soon!

As both a singer and MC, this fabulous Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator brings you the sounds and moves of Sammy at his best. Photos coming soon!

A talented singer and MC, this incredible look-a-like and sound-a-like impersonator captures the "young Frank" look and sound. Frank's early days are expertly brought to life with an optional focus on interaction with members of the audience. Also "Frank" can appear with the fan girls in a spectacular number as well as interacting with Timatha's Marilyn Monroe.

Timatha's Marilyn Monroe impersonation is perfect for any event or party. She can present awards, sing an impressive collection of Marilyn's hits, mingle with crowds, posing with guests for photo opportunities and enchanting them with her charm. With a range of costumes including an impeccable copy of Marilyn's famous white dress (remember The Seven Year Itch) and grasp of both classic Hollywood star quality and witty humor, Timatha personifies all the best of 1950's glamour.

This Groucho impersonator will captivte the entire room with his humor, magic, and singing. He is also the perfect MC for the entire evening! He can hold his own or share the evening's laughs with Marilyn Monroe. Photos coming soon!

Vintage glamour girls add that "Busby Berkeley" style! Beatiful show girls with elaborate feathers and exciting costumes will spice up any event with their expert choreography! The girls are available for meet and greet and photo ops as well. The fan dancers can also be featured with Frank Sinatra and/or Dean Martin.

Retro-styled swing dancers will amaze with eye-popping aerial tricks and exhilirating dance moves. These acrobatic, energetic, high-flying swing dance performers will wow any audience with their moves on the dance floor. these dancers are even available to teach basic swing dancing to the pary guests as well. Female and male tappers available for solo or ensemble routines as well.

Singing all of the holiday favorites, Timatha can provide a beautiful looking and sounding holiday performance.

Timatha also has many other performers available and can find any other look-alike/impersonator that you request... Just ask!

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