Listen to Timatha sing:

Solo Timatha songs:

  I Have Dreamed (mp3) 5
  Sooner or Later (mp3) 6

Timatha is equally comfortable singing all styles and languages of music, from opera to pop and country to jazz. Timatha will sing with any band, large or small. She can also provide her own band from a single accompanist up to a full size big band, including a percussion section. Classically trained, but not above having fun singing bubblegum pop in an all-girl superhero themed band, Timatha can do it all! She is excellent at singing harmonies, sight reading music, and is also sought after for her private voice lessons.

1 arranged by Alex Jeun & Aaron Hagan
2 transcribed and edited by Jack Daney
3 arranged by Jack Daney
4 arranged by Michael Boscarino
5 John T. Prestiani, pianist
6 John T. Prestiani, pianist / David Howarth, orchestration